Solenis: Introducing<br/>our new brand identity
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About Solenis

Advanced technologies and expert support for water-intensive industries.

Strong Bonds. Trusted Solutions.

<p>We solve tough water treatment, process improvement and hygiene challenges for customers in consumer, industrial, institutional, food and beverage, and pool and spa water markets through people, experience and technology. These core elements of our business help us build the strong bonds you need to achieve greater value while reaching your sustainability goals.</p> <p>Let us know your toughest water treatment challenge. We'll meet it with our team of experts, our industry-leading technologies and our ongoing support to make your operation more profitable and more sustainable.</p> <h5>The Solenis Story</h5> <p>Whether you're an engineer, technical director or a plant manager in a paper mill, oil refinery, or dairy processing plant, or an owner or operator of a pool or spa, we can help you improve your operational efficiency, reduce your environmental impact, meet the hygiene requirements for your facility, and maintain the cleanliness and health of your water. That&rsquo;s exactly what we&rsquo;ve been doing since our founding more than 100 years ago. Today, we're a leading specialty chemical supplier and water treatment company with a truly global footprint. With over 16,100 employees and 69 manufacturing facilities, our operations span 130 countries and six continents.</p> <p>Throughout our rich history, we've operated under many different names: Drew, Betz Laboratories, Hercules, Stockhausen and Ashland Water Technologies. But our guiding principle has never changed: we help you solve your toughest challenges.</p> <h5>Our Vision</h5> <p>To build a safer and healthier world through sustainable innovation.</p> <h5>Our Mission</h5> <p>As a trusted partner, we deliver value by solving sustainability and operational challenges with the right people, the right experience and the right technology. Our solutions help conserve natural resources and promote cleaner and safer environments.</p>