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Solenis™ Cloud

A secure online platform for easy access to key technical, sustainability and business data.

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<p>Industrial plants face intense pressure to cut costs and manage internal resources more efficiently. Key strategies include improving overall operational effectiveness and reducing total cost of ownership. To do this, however, plant operators must be able to manage and respond to enormous amounts of process data, which means they must stay connected to equipment, information and personnel, even when they&rsquo;re not on the plant floor.</p> <p>To help industrial operations in their quest to turn mountains of data into actionable insights, Solenis&rsquo; portfolio of digital solutions includes a secure online platform &mdash; Solenis&trade; Cloud &mdash; that centralizes essential technical, sustainability and business data in a single, easy-to-access location. At the heart of Solenis Cloud are the Technical Performance Dashboards, where all technical data related to a customer&rsquo;s operation is aggregated, analyzed and monitored to ensure performance goals are met. The dashboards display performance scores of critical systems to provide at-a-glance visual indicators for rapid decision-making. As plant operators and Solenis support professionals review the data, they can communicate and collaborate in real time &mdash; even when teams are separated by time and distance. And robust alert and alarm features send notifications of system upsets or exceptions directly to stakeholders&rsquo; smartphones so issues can be quickly addressed.</p> <p>Solenis Cloud is an integral component of Solenis&rsquo; digital solutions portfolio, which encompasses a variety of technologies designed to provide 24/7 monitoring and control of your process or water treatment programs based on actual system performance data. Our technologies can run as stand-alone systems or as part of a fully integrated solution. And, of course, they come backed by a team of Solenis application experts.</p> <p>Our Remote Monitoring Center can help you get onboarded with Solenis Cloud and will make the transition as seamless as possible. To learn more or to request a demo of the platform, reach out to your Solenis field representative.</p>


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