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Diversey Institute

e-Learning Training System

<p>The Diversey Institute has a cloud-based environment for providing an e-learning training system that ensures the workforce is trained properly and performing at their best. Our trainers consist of a global team of experts who understand all the hygiene applications that our customers face in all the sectors that we serve. This expertise is the backbone of Diversey, we understand our customers hygiene challenges and we develop, manage and help implement the best solutions for our customers.</p> <p>Our powerful learning management tools enable consistent, automated and flexible delivery of time-consuming training and process improvement management to improve compliance with cleaning protocols while minimizing costs.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h5>Our e-Learning Platform:</h5> <ul> <li>Tracks employee training progress in every course they are enrolled to, including time-on-task, date of completion, datelines, scores, and even which questions they answered correctly or incorrectly.</li> <li>Automatically emails detailed or summary reports of all training activities and results to appointed administrators and managers at a time and frequency of their choice.</li> <li>Allows proprietary courses, videos, presentations, documents, etc. to be uploaded into a single system and ensures these are available only to specific individuals, departments, functions and even location when managing multiple sites.</li> <li>Provides an interface totally branded to company design including layout, logo, color, language, and even the URL of the site.</li> <li>Includes free and paid for e-Learning courses and training videos, including access to SkillSoft courses, all of which are tailored to each company's industry sector and training requirements.</li> <li>Automatically notifies employees and managers of expiring certifications (i.e. time to take the course again) and events (e.g. time to attend a class or webinar)</li> <li>Motivates employees to complete their assigned courses by running contests and awarding badges and coins which can be exchanged for rewards as decided by each company.</li> <li>Our team can also design and produce custom e-Learning courses for customers at a price based on time and effort. We offer a complete solution with control no other company can match.</li> </ul> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div> <h5>The main goals of the Diversey Institute is:</h5> <ol> <li>Set hygiene standards by sector to be compliant with regulations and directives from authorities like WHO and CDC.</li> <li>Liaise with key hygiene institutes to ensure regulations and directives are executable in our industry.</li> <li>Translate hygiene standards and our deep application expertise into practical Standard Operating Protocols and hygiene plans for our customers</li> <li>Ensure the best application knowledge embedded in the global Diversey organization through our global and cross-regions network of experts to support our customers globally.</li> <li>Make training materials available to train customers to enable them to be compliant with regulations and to enable them to optimize their operations.</li> <li>Support regional and local teams with critical implementations at customers</li> <li>Continuously add content and thought leadership to the Diversey Institute including hosting webinars on innovative solutions and new learnings throughout all sectors.</li> </ol> </div>

Diversey Centre of Expertise - Committee

<p>Supported by a global committee of regulatory experts and R&amp;D scientists.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
<p>Dr. Daniel Daggett has a bachelor&rsquo;s degree in biology and a Ph.D. in Environmental Toxicology from the University of Wisconsin, where he received a fellowship from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the Berman and Blieir Award for his research.&nbsp;</p> <p>Dr. Daggett started his career as a toxicologist with the Wisconsin Department of Health, where he was responsible for developing environmental regulations, conducting risk assessments, and protecting public health. Currently, he is the Vice President of Sustainability at Diversey where he is responsible developing and implementing sustainability strategies across the business.</p> <p>Over his 25+ year career, Dr. Daggett has published widely and is a frequent speaker on a variety of topics such as sustainability, indoor air quality, toxicology, life cycle assessment, carbon footprint, and product safety.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Daniel Daggett, Ph.D.
<p>Vice President, Sustainability</p>
<p>Peter Teska currently works for Diversey-A Solenis Company as a Global Subject Matter Expert. In his role he leads Diversey&rsquo;s external research, provides customer support on Infection prevention issues related to environmental hygiene, writes technical literature and documents, presents at Infection Prevention events, monitors the scientific literature related to environmental hygiene, provides technical support to the portfolio teams in development of innovations, and provides training to Diversey&rsquo;s employees and customers. He has worked as a supplier to the Healthcare industry for 29 years, having worked in a range of technical and product marketing roles in his career.</p> <p>Teska has presented at a number of Infection Prevention events in the United States and internationally to Healthcare audiences in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Finland, India, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey, and the UK.</p> <p>Teska has co-authored posters at a number of Infection Prevention conferences and has 28 peer reviewed publications that have appeared in journals such as the American Journal of Infection Control, Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control, IC-TIPS, the Journal of Hospital Infection, and NanoLife.Teska&rsquo;s education includes a BS in chemistry from the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point (UW-SP) and a master&rsquo;s degree (MBA) in business administration from Cardinal Stritch University.</p>
Peter Teska
<p>Global Infection Prevention Expert</p>
<p>Doug Marzec has been with Diversey, A Solenis Company, for over 19 years and is currently in the role of Industry Expert &ndash; Foodservice on the Center of Excellence, Corporate Accounts Team.&nbsp; Previous to his current role in Corporate Accounts, he served as the Operational Excellence Leader - Hospitality &amp; Foodservice for the US Technical Team responsible for a team of Sector Application Experts and the creation and delivery of developmental training programs.</p> <p>Douglas has also held roles in Research and Development as a Senior Application Expert for Global Kitchen Care as well as a Principal Product Evaluation Expert on the Global Product Evaluation Team working on Diversey innovation projects.&nbsp; Before joining R&amp;D, Douglas was a member of the US Technical Service Team as a Regional Operations Manager and helped oversee large customer rollouts including Accor, IHG and Ikea.</p> <p>He brings not only his Diversey experience to the team, but also a wealth of other experience as prior to joining Diversey he had worked in various positions in the Hospitality industry, including roles as an Executive Steward and as a Chef.&nbsp;&nbsp; Douglas earned a B.S. in Hospitality and Tourism Management as well as an AAS in Culinary Arts. Douglas is also a Design for Lean Six Sigma (DfLSS) Green Belt and holds a NEHA CP-FS Credential.</p>
Doug Marzec
<p>Global Industry Expert Food Service</p>
<p>Henrique Abreu is a Certified IEFP Business Trainer with more than 30 Years working experience in Sales and Marketing. His primary goal is to transfer industry Knowledge and expertise to those working in the Hospitality sector that goes beyond cleaning and disinfection.&nbsp;</p> <p>Henrique has a background in Mechanical engineering and Business administration and has been working in the cleaning and Hygiene industry since 1992.</p> <p>As a member of the Diversey Centre of Expertise one of his main goals is to develop, create and provide on the job training sessions for our industry key stakeholders as well as being involved in the&nbsp; processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.</p>
Henrique Pipger Abreu
<p>Global Industry Expert Hospitality</p>
<p>Nikos is an experienced Laundry Application Expert with 21 years of experience in the professional chemicals industry. He graduated from the University of Athens, faculty of Chemistry. Nikos has worked as Laundry Application Expert/Business Development Manager at Diversey Greece from 2003-2014.</p> <p>In 2014, he moved to Diversey UAE in 2014, where he worked as a Regional Laundry Expert, covering the Middle East. In 2017 he joined Diversey&rsquo;s Global Solutions Team, supporting professional laundries around the world.</p> <p>In 2021 he was appointed Application Experts&rsquo; Leader in Emerging Markets region, supervising a team of Kitchen Care, Building Care and Fabric Care Application Experts.His role in the Diversey Centre of Expertise is to provide support/consultancy to Fabric Care related material.</p>
Nikos Pastras
<p>Application Expertise Leader Emerging Markets</p>
<p>Joop has worked for Diversey for 35, mainly in Fabric care / laundry related jobs.&nbsp;Joop has expertise in dosing equipment and laundry machines from washer extractors to continuous batch washers.</p> <p>He has supported big innovations like Clax Revoflow, DF10M / DF 20M, DF30T, transforming the Diversey Laundry landscape. Joop uses his expertise to consult and train countries with application knowledge and laundry expertise.</p> <p>He additionally supports large commercial laundries start up through out the world. (Hong Kong, Thailand, Israel and others)</p>
Joop Hormann
<p>Principle Application Expert Fabric Care</p>
<p>Experienced Portfolio and Customer Marketing leader with more than 20 years of experience in the professional cleaning and hygiene industry. Yann graduated from the Audencia business school in France and joined Diversey France as Portfolio Manager in 2001 and contributed to several successful innovation launches, including innovative concentrates like J-flex/RTD and Pur-Eco, Diversey&rsquo;s range of eco-labeled solutions in Europe.&nbsp;</p> <p>During 2009 and 2012, Yann shifted to the European Sector Marketing team from, where he specialized himself in the Hospitality and Food Service sectors, supporting the acquisition of large global customers. During the same period, he also occupied the function of European Sustainability Expert for Hospitality. In 2012 he became Marketing Lead at Diversey France in before moving in 2015 to Diversey&rsquo;s Global Marketing Team, where he worked as Global Marketing Director Hospitality and Food Service. In 2019 he was appointed Global Marketing Director for the Global Strategic Accounts, leading a team of experts providing central support and guidance to our large global customers across BSC, Food Service, Hospitality and Retail.</p> <p>His role in the Diversey Hygiene Academy is to provide support/guidance on Operational Excellence and Sustainability in customers cleaning operations.</p>
Yann Bancourt
<p>Global Leader, Corporate Accounts - Center of Excellence and Customer Support</p>
<p>Working 33 years for the company. Experience in textile research, product development and laundry application support. Supporting countries with application knowledge and training.</p> <p>Leader of the Institute for Textile Research. Support customers with recommendations on how to optimize their laundry operation &amp; wash results, save cost and/or extend linen life.</p> <p>Support innovation projects and set the Global Laundry application guidelines.</p>
Sylvia van den Heuvel
<p>Principal Application Expert Fabric Care</p>
<ul> <li>Bert-ten Voorden</li> <li>Swasti Budiarti</li> <li>Melanie Rieser</li> </ul>
<ul> <li>Arthur Ansel</li> <li>Matti Hakoila</li> </ul>

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