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Recovery Boiler Treatments

Innovative chemistries, advanced monitoring and control systems, and expert support for your recovery boiler challenges.

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<p>The recovery boiler presents many challenges that can significantly impact the bottom line of pulp and paper mills. Maintaining the reliability of your recovery boiler is paramount and requires innovative solutions that, if properly employed, will protect your assets, improve your operational efficiency and ensure the safety of your workers.</p> <p>Solenis offers a variety of chemical and equipment solutions for recovery boiler systems, including feedwater, condensate and internal boiler water treatments; organic and inorganic corrosion inhibitors for smelt spout cooling systems; monitoring and control systems; and proprietary statistical software that can detect leaks with maximum sensitivity.</p> <p>In addition to our recovery boiler treatments, our global team of applications experts can perform system audits to help you identify those critical operating practices and conditions that threaten the integrity and reliability of your recovery boiler.</p>
Recovery Boiler Treatments
<p>Solenis&rsquo; portfolio of recovery boiler treatments includes:</p> <ul> <li>Corrosion inhibitors <ul> <li>Condensate</li> <li>Pre-boiler</li> </ul> </li> <li>Deposit control agents</li> <li>Fuel oil additives</li> <li>Membrane treatments</li> <li>Metal passivators</li> <li>Oxygen scavengers</li> </ul>
<p>Solenis offers several monitoring and control solutions for recovery boiler applications, including:</p> <ul> <li>Automated chemical feed and control systems</li> <li>Coordinated phosphate-pH control system</li> <li>Data management service</li> <li>Inventory monitoring service</li> <li>Recovery boiler leak indication system</li> </ul>
<p>Complementing our portfolio of recovery boiler treatments are a variety of field and laboratory service offerings, including:</p> <ul> <li>Application expertise</li> <li>Best Practice audits</li> <li>Borescope inspections</li> <li>Diagnostic expertise</li> <li>Laboratory analysis <ul> <li>Deposit</li> <li>Metallurgical</li> <li>Water</li> </ul> </li> <li>Operator safety training</li> <li>Vital Few audits</li> </ul>


<p>Explore our latest innovations for recovery boilers.</p>

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