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Reverse Osmosis Membrane Treatments

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<p>Reverse osmosis (RO) is the recognized technology for producing highly purified water for many applications, including municipal drinking water, industrial boilers, food and beverage processing, cosmetics manufacturing, pharmaceutical production and seawater desalination. While industrial RO systems have evolved over the years to produce filtration that is more efficient and effective, performance suffers when the membranes they utilize become compromised. Scale and biological fouling are two of the biggest factors that affect membrane function, and these foulants can cause expensive downtime and costly repairs.</p> <p>Addressing these issues is not easy. It requires not only a world-class portfolio of reverse osmosis treatment chemicals but also onsite consultation from field representatives who understand all aspects of industrial filtration as well as the support of a dedicated team of applications specialists and laboratory scientists. These professionals work with your facility staff to evaluate both the unique needs of your RO application and the environmental situation. For example, the feedwater, whether it&rsquo;s fresh, brackish, waste or seawater, can dramatically influence several important variables, such as pH, oxidizing potential and concentration of soluble salts. Understanding this big picture is critical to developing a successful reverse osmosis membrane treatment program.</p> <p>Solenis has decades of experience with reverse osmosis membrane treatments across a variety of industrial, municipal and desalination operations. Our extended team of field professionals and laboratory scientists bring together the right combination of knowledge and practical experience to tackle even the most demanding RO challenges. We built our reputation on our ability to solve even the most formidable scale problems, including those that involve barium and strontium sulfate, aluminum silica and calcium fluoride. In addition to a comprehensive portfolio of scale inhibitors, Solenis offers a full range of pretreatments, microbiological control agents and cleaners, plus sophisticated calculation software that can determine the best product to use and the optimal treatment dose. With this comprehensive RO solution, Solenis can improve RO recovery rates within the limits of the system design, which means more permeate water produced, less concentrate sent to waste and better energy efficiency.</p>
Reverse Osmosis Treatment Chemicals
<p>Solenis is an established leader in reverse osmosis membrane treatment and provides advanced solutions that mitigate two of the biggest RO challenges: scale and biofouling. Our portfolio of reverse osmosis treatment chemicals, which is compatible with major available membranes, includes:</p> <ul> <li><strong>Pretreatment polymers</strong> that act as coagulants for optimal removal of colloidal matter before it enters the first stage of the membrane separation system</li> <li><strong>Scale inhibitors</strong> to keep the RO membrane surface free of scales, thereby ensuring longer periods of high efficiency</li> <li><strong>Microbiological control agents</strong> to minimize the buildup of organic matter, biological organisms and other foulants on the membrane surface, thereby ensuring system performance and reducing internal shearing of membranes</li> <li><strong>Cleaners</strong> for routine RO membrane cleaning and maintenance</li> </ul>
<p>Solenis offers several monitoring and control solutions for reverse osmosis membrane treatment programs, including:</p> <ul> <li><strong>Automated chemical feed and control systems</strong> that provide proper chemical dosage as a function of feed rate, pH and ORP</li> <li><strong>Scale and biofilm analyzers</strong> that utilize patented ultrasonic technology to accurately detect scale and biofilm on surfaces of RO membranes</li> <li><strong>Data management service</strong></li> <li><strong>Inventory monitoring service</strong></li> </ul>
<p>To complement our portfolio of reverse osmosis treatment chemicals, we offer a variety of field and laboratory services, including:</p> <ul> <li><strong>RO membrane autopsies</strong></li> <li><strong>Application expertis</strong>e</li> <li><strong>Diagnostic expertise</strong></li> <li><strong>Laboratory analysis</strong> <ul> <li>Deposit</li> <li>Process fluid</li> <li>Microorganism characterization</li> <li>Water</li> </ul> </li> <li><strong>Operator safety training</strong></li> </ul>


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