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Mineral Processing Aids

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<p>Mineral processing has changed dramatically over the last two decades. Long gone are mines that create hectares of tailings. Modern mining operations must extract more minerals from smaller footprint sites while minimizing environmental impact. But these same mines increasingly encounter lower ore grades, more complex deposits and increasing pressure associated with the cost and supply of energy and water.</p> <p>To stay competitive, mineral processors must develop smarter approaches and practices tailored to their unique operational environment and must use next-generation mineral processing aids that help to increase productivity. For nearly five decades, Solenis has been dedicated to helping the mineral processing industry operate more efficiently and profitably. Our team of field professionals and applications specialists work side by side with plant personnel to design a total system approach tailored to their specific needs.</p> <p>This technical expertise is complemented by a comprehensive portfolio of mineral processing aids. With an extensive network of manufacturing facilities, Solenis is a worldwide leader in the production of chemical technologies for the mineral processing industry. Our specialty process solutions, which include flocculants, antiscalants, grinding aids and viscosity modifiers, don&rsquo;t simply get the job done &mdash; they change the game, making it possible for plant operators to improve process throughput and recovery, protect plant assets and the environment, and maximize profitability without incurring capital expenditures.</p>
Mineral Processing Aids
<p>Our state-of-the-art portfolio of mineral processing aids was developed and enhanced over the years in response to customer needs. These solutions, which enable mineral processors to stay competitive and profitable, include the following chemical technologies:</p> <ul> <li><a href="/en/products-and-services/industrial-processing/mineral-processing-aids/alumina-processing-aids/">Alumina processing aids</a></li> <li>Binders</li> <li><a href="/en/products-and-services/water-treatment/coagulants/">Coagulants</a></li> <li>Dust control products</li> <li>Filtration aids</li> <li><a href="/en/products-and-services/water-treatment/flocculants/">Flocculants</a></li> <li>Flotation reagents</li> <li>Foam control agents</li> <li>Grinding aids</li> <li><a href="/en/products-and-services/industrial-processing/mineral-processing-aids/phosphate-processing-aids/">Phosphate processing aids</a></li> <li><a href="/en/products-and-services/water-treatment/reverse-osmosis-membrane-treatments/">Reverse osmosis membrane treatments</a></li> <li>Rheology modifiers</li> <li>Scale inhibitors</li> <li>Specialty dewatering aids</li> <li>Tailings treatment aids</li> <li>Viscosity modifiers</li> </ul>
<p>Solenis offers several monitoring and control solutions for mineral processing applications, including:</p> <ul> <li>Automated chemical feed and control systems</li> <li>Data management service</li> <li>Inventory monitoring service</li> <li>Scale monitoring system</li> </ul>
<p>Complementing our portfolio of mineral processing aids are a variety of field and laboratory service offerings, including:</p> <ul> <li>Application expertise</li> <li>Diagnostic expertise</li> <li>Laboratory analysis <ul> <li>Deposit analysis</li> <li>Metallurgical analysis</li> <li>Process fluid</li> <li>Water analysis</li> </ul> </li> <li>Operator safety training</li> </ul>


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