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Refining & Chemical Processing

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<p>For oil refineries and chemical processing plants, water management is becoming increasingly important. One critical priority in many regions is making the most of lower-quality water sources, which requires innovative water treatment programs. Another priority is reducing water consumption by maximizing cooling tower cycles and improving industrial wastewater reuse and recycle processes &mdash; all while still protecting heat exchangers and piping systems from the effects of scale, fouling and corrosion.</p> <p>At Solenis, solving these water treatment issues has been our calling for more than 100 years. We have deep experience across the entire industry spectrum, including oil refining, coal to chemicals, petrochemical processing, specialty chemicals, fertilizers, and air separation, and we offer one of the broadest offerings of water treatment and process solutions for refining and chemical processing operations.</p> <p>Whether your objective is to maximize production, increase time between turnarounds, increase asset life, or reduce waste and environmental footprint, you can count on our dedicated team to provide cost-effective solutions that exceed your expectations. And, just as important, we help you look beyond today&rsquo;s challenges to better prepare your operation for the future, whether it&rsquo;s employing novel water treatment chemistries or providing intelligent insight on your plant&rsquo;s heat exchanger network.</p>

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