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Arturo M.

EH&S Specialist

Meet employee
Canada As an EHS Specialist at a Solenis manufacturing site, my role is to manage the numerous programs required to ensure our products are made safely and responsibly at the site, within our community and the environment. I bring value to the company by helping keep our most important assets (our employees) healthy and safe from workplace hazards zodhLxN8srU
Christopher W.

Process Operator

Meet employee
Australia As a Process Operator at Solenis, I am responsible for ensuring that our manufacturing plant runs smoothly, efficiently and safely, with minimal disruptions, to facilitate the delivery of products at a competitive price. My role helps ensure that our supply chain can guarantee that our customers have a readily available source of products that meet our stringent performance and quality specifications. vFuXtdnlM9c
Chris W.

Operations Manager

Meet employee
United States As an Operations Manager at Solenis, I am responsible for ensuring that quality product is produced in a safe and efficient manner every day. This is accomplished by ensuring that each team member is engaged and motivated towards reaching our goals. Most importantly, everyone on the team should feel that they have a voice so that new ideas are shared and concerns are appropriately addressed 5k5SD8dXVzg
David Y.

Product Manager

Meet employee
China As a Product Manager at Solenis, my responsibility is product portfolio management, new product introduction and cost and price matrix maintenance. With my effort, our products are launched, sold via our sales representatives and supplied to customers. mfVTYCE_ZnU
Josi R.

Accounting Manager

Meet employee
Brazil As an Accounting Manager at Solenis, I’m responsible for accounting, reporting and consolidation in Latin America. What I like about my job is the interaction with people, solving problems and making our processes as consistent as possible. My role is important to present clear and accurate information about the company's results to guide business decisions. 2-DbLwCzEZI
Leandro M.

Procurement Manager

Meet employee
Brazil My role as a Procurement Manager at Solenis is to develop the supply strategy and negotiate diverse chemicals with suppliers, establishing partnership and guaranteeing supply to our facilities around the globe. In a competitive environment, Procurement plays a key role ensuring that all raw materials arrive at the right time and with a competitive price to our plants. I also support developing new raw materials and new sources of raw materials, aiming at improving quality and increasing competitiveness in the market. M9QVheyYBxQ
Blake M.

Area Sales Manager

Meet employee
United States As an Area Manager, it is my responsibility to make sure that the team has all of the resources and support they need to succeed as well as drive the growth of the business. My job is important because I am the “coach” of the team. It is my role to make sure that our team is developing into stronger employees and that the company is succeeding. ftbdonpKkOw
Emily P.

STAR Program Associate

Meet employee
United States As a STAR Program Associate at Solenis, my role is to shadow and learn from our professional team to aquire knowledge that will aid in efficiency and sustainability of the water intensive processes we focus on. My position is important because the company is investing in me to be a future knowledgable asset that will bring value to us and our customers. jxAwrq3mRp8
Jeannette B.

Customer Service Representative

Meet employee
United States As a Customer Service Representative for Solenis, I provide sales support which consists of creating and maintaining orders for everyday business, commercial trials and testing of new products. I make a difference by establishing rapport with our sales team and our customers. This allows me to learn their needs and assist with the planning it takes to keep them on schedule. G03INZapqbw
Juliana F.

Applications Manager

Meet employee
Germany As an Applications Manager, I am responsible for managing a team of coloration experts across Europe. Our job is to provide the best technical solutions to our customers who are working in the paper producing industry. My team and I make a difference by considering all the coloration needs of our customers. and adapting to changes as the occur within the industry. I enjoy being a part of a company of so many talented people that I can learn from and who create a very welcoming and collaborative atmosphere. hKlZkk2xHW0
Laurent N.

Key Account Manager

Meet employee
France As a Key Account Manager, I am responsible of a broad customer portfolio in the industrial water division of Solenis. I bring value to my customers by building a strong relationship so that they can trust in Solenis as a partner, which helps them to solve their water related challenges HN472tiANGU
Marta O.

Sales Manager

Meet employee
Italy As a Sales Manager, I have overall responsibility for managing customers, sales and product launches across multiple EMEA territories, as well as assuring new business acquisition. I manage relationships with multiple Solenis stakeholders in Marketing and Product Management and ensure that our customer's needs and market needs are aligned appropriately. ZD-SdUKqcxA
Jenny Z.

Laboratory Technician

Meet employee
China As a Laboratory Technician, my role is to perform research work, such as product evaluation and new product development. I provide meaningful support to our bussiness teams to help them maintain strong performance and promote new products to the market. QRwJimCGO0U
Nydia L.

Senior Staff Scientist

Meet employee
United States As a Senior staff scientist in the water application laboratory I develop methods and perform testing to find specific products that will solve our costumer’s problems and needs. I perform benchmark testing to compare our product's performance versus our competitors. I bring value by finding a specific solution to our costumers’ problems. By doing this, we retain our current costumers and gain new ones. hQ-IVFMG48I

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