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Learning & Development

Challenging and empowering our employees to grow to help advance their careers.

The right learning and development resources to make the most of your talent.

<p>We drive the most advanced process and sustainability solutions for our customers across the globe. Delivering those innovations requires a team that&rsquo;s challenged and empowered to enhance their professional development. Whether you want to hone your leadership skills to help move Solenis forward or develop your selling skills to deliver value to your customers, we offer the wide range of learning resources to grow your career while you help Solenis grow.</p>

Developing a Solenis career path unique to you.

<p>Solenis is proud to offer customizable learning and development programs. From gaining technical expertise for your current position to working toward cross-organizational opportunities, we help you evaluate your current strengths and develop skills that can drive your career. You and your manager will then create your tailored learning plan in any one of our learning tracks. Our extensive curricula allow you to choose your preferred method of learning, from independent learning online to learning with others virtually or in person.</p> <p>Explore four of our learning tracks below.</p>
<p>At Solenis we believe that, no matter your role, there is always something new to learn, a skill to sharpen, or something happening in your environment that requires you to adapt. All employees&rsquo; annual objectives include professional development goals that may be based on:</p> <ul> <li>Skills critical for your role, such as communication, strategic thinking or project management</li> <li>Skills your department has identified as core for all roles within your group</li> <li>Leadership competencies evaluated across the organization &mdash; because we understand that everyone is a leader</li> </ul>
<p>Develop the skills that will help you lead a team toward high performance. No matter the stage of career, we offer programs to help you meet those challenges. Our cohort-based programs create a supportive environment where you learn with peers company wide. Most programs include a mix of classroom experiences, assignments, peer coaching and manager coaching, plus real-life business projects to immediately apply what you learn. We offer programs for:</p> <ul> <li>Aspiring managers: Explore if leadership is right for you and prepare for the challenges ahead</li> <li>New managers: Hone basic leadership skills, including emotional intelligence, delegation and feedback</li> <li>Experienced managers: Develop advanced skills, such as agility and storytelling in business, that help you build a climate where innovation and engagement thrive</li> <li>Women in leadership: Build skills like projecting confidence, networking and communicating with executive presence</li> </ul>
<p>The broader our team&rsquo;s technical application experience, the more valuable our solutions will be. Being a company that&rsquo;s built on customer value delivery, we take technical growth seriously. We&rsquo;ll identify your learning needs early and target the right level of training for you. Our award-winning skill development program empowers you to design a targeted training plan that helps you succeed. In our Technical Growth track, you&rsquo;ll:</p> <ul> <li>Complete a self-assessment across a wide range of technical skills (depending on your location in the world, you may be able to earn badges for the skills you achieve)</li> <li>Work with your manager to create a skills gap analysis that forms the foundation for your learning plan</li> <li>Choose learning modules that help you close skills gaps (and possibly earn more badges) via virtual training, classroom learning and quick modules you can complete &ldquo;on the go&rdquo;</li> </ul>
<p>Building a growth culture requires a high-performing, results-oriented commercial team hyperfocused on delivering customer value. Our sales and value delivery approach ensures that all sales professionals have the right tools to succeed &mdash; and our strong coaching culture reinforces the right sales skills and behaviors. Whether this is your first sales job or you&rsquo;re a seasoned veteran, we assess your past experience and your commercial skills to tailor a learning plan that helps you grow a successful sales career.&nbsp;</p> <p>Our robust library of sales coaching tools and resources are aligned to every step of the sales and value delivery processes. From prospecting for new opportunities to closing new business to confirming the value delivered to customers, our commercial skill-building programs provide the foundation for high achievement in sales.&nbsp;</p>

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