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Recognition & Rewards

Recognizing and rewarding team members who deliver value to our customers and the company.

We say thanks in so many ways!

<p>We value the contributions our team members make to our customers, our company and our environment. Solenis is proud to reward employees through formal and informal recognition programs.</p>

Formal Recognition Programs

<p>Each year, we celebrate select team members through numerous formal recognition programs. Solenis awards these prestigious honors to team members who have been nominated and gone through a formal review process.</p>
<p>Our highest honor, which includes a cash award and custom crystal sculpture, celebrates the exceptional achievement of employees across eight categories:</p> <ul> <li>Innovation</li> <li>Social Responsibility</li> <li>Corporate Functional Excellence</li> <li>Environment, Health, Safety and Quality</li> <li>Supply Chain Excellence</li> <li>Business Growth</li> <li>Customer Focus</li> <li>Leadership</li> </ul>
<p>For nearly 50 years, this has recognized our most outstanding salespeople of the year. Solenis presents this award to outstanding, consistent sales managers and employees with direct sales responsibility.</p>
<p>Awarded by the Women&rsquo;s International Network of Solenis (WINS), this honor recognizes female leaders who have earned unparalleled success by blending professional and personal accomplishments.</p>
<p>Our Pinnacle Award shines a yearly spotlight on our top-performing employees in Applications, Product Management, Pricing, Equipment and Marketing.</p>
<p>Each quarter we recognize exceptional sales performance and service to customers. The Director's Award recognizes sales personnel from around the world who make outstanding contributions to our company and provide exceptional service to our customers.</p>
<p>The Phoenix Award ​recognizes&nbsp;technology employees for their constant generation of innovative products, manufacturing processes and customer solutions.&nbsp;​</p>
<p>This&nbsp;award&nbsp;recognizes exceptional and consistent performance in&nbsp;customer service, including&nbsp;customer service representatives, contract team members, import and export processors and third-party processors.</p>

Informal Recognition

<p>We recognize the contributions team members make to Solenis every day to help us achieve our vision and mission. Our global employee recognition program, called Inspire, allows us to reward and celebrate our colleagues&rsquo; achievements on a peer-to-peer basis.</p> <p>Through the Inspire program, our team:</p> <ul> <li>Recognizes and reinforces the actions and behaviors that drive business success</li> <li>Inspires other team members by shining a spotlight on recognized employees</li> <li>Expands the reach and impact of our cultural beliefs on business success by recognizing many more employees</li> <li>Builds a culture of recognition across our global team</li> </ul> <p>Recognized team members earn points redeemable for merchandise or gift cards to local retailers all over the world.</p>

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