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Kymene™ 1500LV Wet-strength Resin

Industry-leading wet strength. Next generation performance. Zero VOCs.

Enhancing Compliance and Sustainability

Today’s tissue and towel manufacturers are expected to control costs, boost profits and satisfy the latest EH&S requirements. Our powerful new chemistry helps you meet all three challenges. Kymene™ 1500LV wet-strength resin is the newest member of the process-proven Kymene family of resins for tissue and towel production. Kymene 1500LV resin increases product quality, drives enhanced productivity and reduces costs.

Kymene wet-strength resins, based on polyamide-epichlorohydrin (PAE) chemistry, were first developed over sixty years ago and have continuously improved in performance and value to customers worldwide. This latest technology, Kymene 1500LV, gives producers a higher performing product without sacrificing the price-point of a traditional G1 platform. Compared to other G1 resins, Kymene 1500LV resin can offer:

  • Global Harmonized System (GHS) compliance
  • A reduction in “Priority Chemicals”
  • Lower levels of hazardous, possibly carcinogenic compounds
  • Air pollution reduction by up to 50,000 pounds VOC annually*

At the same time, Kymene 1500LV resin delivers high solids, high performance, and excellent storage stability.

*based on typical usage

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