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Zetag™ 92 Series of Flocculants (EMEA)

Industry-leading flocculants. Next generation performance.

Solenis has a long history in solid/liquid separation with an established range of flocculants that help municipalities improve sludge dewatering operations and ensure that wastewater is environmentally safe.

We are a worldwide leader in flocculant manufacturing and deliver high-quality products to municipal and industrial customers looking to solve their biggest challenges. Our products are proven in all water and wastewater applications, including sludge dewatering, sludge thickening and clarification.

Bringing you the next generation of the Zetag™ flocculant family

Developed in collaboration with Solenis’ scientists, the new Zetag™ 92 series of liquid flocculants has a significantly reduced foaming tendency, improved shear stability and an extended shelf-life of 12 months. Customers can expect excellent sludge dewatering performance in centrifuges, belt presses, chamber filter presses and thickeners.

Flocculant Product Range

Our Zetag™ 92 range of liquid flocculants contains linear, medium structured and highly structured products with different charge densities. There is a suitable flocculant for every sludge dewatering and wastewater application that provides excellent results.

New Product Charge Molecular Architecture
ZETAG™ 9214-DE Low Cationic Charge Linear
ZETAG™ 9216 Medium Cationic Charge Linear
ZETAG™ 9246FS Medium-Structure
ZETAG™ 9266FS High-Structure
ZETAG™ 9218 High Cationic Charge Linear
ZETAG™ 9248FS Medium-Structure
ZETAG™ 9268FS High-Structure
ZETAG™ 9219 Very High Cationic Charge Linear
ZETAG™ 9249FS Medium-Structure

For each product there are four pack types available:

  • Bulk Tanker
  • IBC (1040 KG)
  • Pail (25 KG)
  • Sample (50 ml)

Packaging specifications are available on request and are subject to supplier variations.

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