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Geothermal Power

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<p>Geothermal power plants provide clean, renewable and affordable energy by using steam and hot water produced inside the earth to generate electricity. Operating a geothermal plant presents numerous challenges that traditional power generators don&rsquo;t face, such as silica deposition, which can block the wellbore and require costly well cleaning and stimulation services. Additionally, geothermal plants are often located in wildly diverse locations and are exposed to wide variations in brine and steam conditions, even from well to well. These and many other challenges require customized water treatment solutions for geothermal power.</p> <p>At Solenis, we understand these challenges. And, we understand you have unique needs as a geothermal power producer that off-the-shelf solutions simply can&rsquo;t address. That is why our chemical technologies are researched and designed specifically for geothermal applications using advanced geothermal modeling and analytic tools. We use these proprietary tools to understand the unique parameters of your operating environment and then use this information to develop solutions to address your specific needs.</p> <p>So, whether your operation is dry steam, two-phase, binary or an enhanced geothermal system, you can count on us to take a holistic approach to determining and implementing the right solutions for your operation. These solutions include not only novel chemical technologies for addressing silica and calcite deposition, but also several equipment technologies for monitoring and controlling biofilm and scale in geothermal systems. Working together, we can employ these solutions to address your specific challenge, whether it be improving megawatt efficiency, reducing operational costs or extending equipment life.</p>

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Case history

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Case history

Geothermal Power Plant Significantly Improves Reinjection Capacity

Solenis Well Cleaning Program

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