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Graphic & Specialty Papers

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<p>Manufacturers of graphic and specialty papers face increasing pressures because demand continues to shift as consumers call for highly differentiated products.</p> <p>At Solenis, we understand the challenges facing today&rsquo;s graphic and specialty papers&rsquo; market. To remain competitive, producers of graphic papers and specialty papers must develop new, high-quality grades&mdash;and produce them at the lowest cost possible. As the leading global supplier of specialty papermaking chemicals, Solenis is well positioned to help producers of graphic and specialty papers meet these challenges.</p> <p>Our unique capabilities and ongoing investment in this market have resulted in a comprehensive portfolio of chemical solutions for graphic and specialty papers. This portfolio includes process aids, functional additives and water treatment chemistries as well as several game-changing innovations for improving sheet quality; enhancing print adhesion; increasing production volume; controlling biofilm; and reducing fiber, water and energy use. So, whether you need to develop a new grade, reduce your costs or improve your environmental profile, you can count on us to deliver the solutions you need to maintain your competitive edge.</p>

Solutions for graphic and specialty papers

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