The desire to satisfy the needs and expectations of customers is at the heart of Solenis’
culture of innovation. For more than 100 years we have been successful in creating and
delivering novel solutions to meet the ever-changing market needs and challenges our
industrial customers face. Leveraging our technical expertise in water treatment and
process chemistries, our global technology team uses customer feedback along with
on-going market and global economic analysis to consistently deliver new-to-the world
innovations and next generation technologies.

Read about a few of our recent innovations below or explore our Industries section to
learn about some of the other innovations we’ve brought to market.

Game Changing Technology Enables Fuel Ethanol Producers to Improve Profits

Dimension™ corn oil extraction aids enable fuel ethanol producers to significantly increase their production of corn oil—a valuable coproduct—by improving the release of oil during mechanical extraction. The extraction aids not only allow for increased corn oil production but also reduce solids in the oil, resulting in cleaner, higher-quality oil. Notably, the extraction aids have enabled many ethanol plants to produce up to 400% more corn oil, thereby improving their profit potential.

New Dry-strength Additive Allows Tissue Producers to Balance Strength and Softness

Challenged to develop a new product that would allow tissue producers to improve sheet strength without negatively affecting sheet softness, Solenis’ R&D team recently delivered a truly unique solution to the marketplace. The new dry strength additive—Hercobond™ 7550—allows tissue producers not only to improve sheet strength without affecting sheet rigidity or softness but also, in some instances, to increase productivity, to reduce energy costs, or to reduce furnish costs.

A Comprehensive Safeguard Against Biofilm in Industrial Cooling System

ClearPoint biofilm detection and control program is a one-of-a-kind microbiological control service program for industrial water systems. This novel program brings together a new-to-the-world monitoring device, proprietary chemistry and expert service to provide a comprehensive safeguard against biofilm. The monitoring device employs an advanced ultrasonic probe to enable the earliest detection and most accurate measurement of biofilm growth vs. other commercially available technologies, allowing corrective action to be taken before biofilm becomes problematic.

New Antiscalants Address Challenges of Harsh Ore Processing Conditions

Scaling in ore processing circuits can negatively affect mill production and profitability. Scaling can also be difficult to control, especially under high temperature, low pH or high solids conditions. Unlike many competitive antiscalant chemistries, Solenis’ newest Zalta™ antiscalants effectively reduce scale formation even under these extreme conditions. And, when paired with Solenis’ OnGuard™ 3S analyzer, a Zalta program can be monitored remotely in real-time to verify performance.

Diagnostic Program for Early Identification of Scale or Fouling Problems for Critical Heat Exchangers

HexEval™ performance monitoring program provides a diagnostic “window” for heat exchangers utilizing a proprietary algorithm built on data taken from thousands of heat exchangers. HexEval not only monitors actual exchanger performance against design, but it also identifies exchangers that are most susceptible to scale, corrosion and fouling given current operating conditions and exchanger design. The HexEval performance monitoring program can help extend equipment life, reduce costs and save hours of manpower and time.

Pergafast™ Color Developers Offer Non-phenol Alternatives to BPA for Thermal Papers

Providing thermal paper producers with a viable alternative to bisphenol A (BPA), Pergafast™201 is both BPA-free and non-phenolic. Pergafast™ 201 is a versatile color developer that can be used in all top-coated and non-top-coated grades of thermal paper. It produces high-quality, stable images and provides excellent resistance to heat and water, as well as oils, fats and plasticizers.

New Paper Additive Offers 3-star Rating for HP Indigo Digital Presses

Solenis’ imPress™ line of additives is up to eight times more efficient at enabling adhesion of Indigo images compared to top competitive products. For papermakers already making an Indigo-grade paper or looking to diversify by quickly adding an Indigo-grade paper, imPress additives provide improved runnability and versatility. In commercial applications, a wide variety of basis weights have met the Indigo adhesion targets as well as meet blanket compatibility targets, the other measure of 3-star qualification.