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Hercobond™ Dry Strength Additives

<p>Hercobond dry strength additives are designed with tissue makers in mind. This family of products includes a broad selection of dry strength additives that enhance the end-use performance of tissue and towel grades. The additives offer a variety of configurations that give you ultimate flexibility as you design a dry strength program.</p> <p>In addition to managing dry strength characteristics, Hercobond additives enable tissue makers to develop new grades and, in many cases, improve the operating efficiency of their machines. Hercobond additives&rsquo; main benefits include:</p> <ul> <li>Improved dry and temporary wet strength</li> <li>Improved retention and drainage</li> <li>Improved productivity</li> <li>Reduced basis weight</li> <li>Improved energy efficiency</li> <li>Reduced furnish costs</li> <li>Improved machine cleanliness</li> <li>Increased felt life</li> </ul> <h2>Product Range</h2> <p>Hercobond dry strength additives include a variety of natural and synthetic products with varying molecular weights and charges. Available products include amphotheric, anionic and cationic polyacrylamides; cationic glyoxylated resins; modified polyamines; and cellulase enzymes.</p> <p>Designed so individual chemicals can be tailored to a mill&rsquo;s unique environment, Hercobond additives deliver supreme flexibility in wet-end systems. And, all Hercobond dry strength products come in an easy-to-use liquid form and require only a simple metering skid to feed the product.</p> <h2>Newest Product Offering</h2> <p>Following three year&rsquo;s of research and development, Solenis recently launched an exciting, new-to-the-world dry strength product that, unlike competitive offerings, delivers increased dry tensile without adversely affecting tissue softness. In addition, this novel product has been proven to work synergistically with wet strength resins, resulting in both improved wet strength and dry strength.</p> <h2>Recorded Results</h2> <p>In one case study, a tissue mill wanted to increase tensile strength and improve drainage. The mill decided to use Hercobond 8800 paper performance additive on a trial basis. The customer achieved dramatic results, including:</p> <ul> <li>Increased tensile index by 15 percent</li> <li>Reduced jet-to-wire ratio</li> <li>Increased speed by 400 feet per minute</li> </ul> <p>Overall, the Hercobond additive met or exceeded all objectives set by the customer. Read more details in the full <a href="/globalassets/resources/case-histories/dsr-tt-ch-n434-0713.pdf">case history</a>.</p> <h2>More Information</h2> <p>To learn more about Hercobond dry strength additives, <a title="Pascal Rivard Video" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">watch Solenis expert Pascal Rivard</a><span class="modalmask youtube-video-loader span-video-link" data-toggle="modal" data-h="181" data-w="302" data-target="#videoOverlay" data-ytid="Ov7V58CtMpI"> discuss this solution</span>.</p> <p>For additional information, or if you need technical assistance with a specific challenge,&nbsp;<a href="/en/contact/ask-expert/">ask a Solenis expert today</a>.</p>

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