Infinity™ Scale Inhibitors

<p>When inorganic hard scales, such as calcium carbonate, calcium oxalate, calcium sulfate and barium sulfate, form in pulp mill systems, they can negatively impact pulp production and pulp quality and require significant downtime for equipment cleaning.</p> <p>Infinity scale inhibitors control inorganic hard scale in digesters, bleach plants and recausticizing pulp mill systems. This family of products is made from proprietary synthetic polymers and/or organophorphonic acid chemistries. The scale inhibitors use multiple scale control mechanisms, including dispersion, inhibition, crystal modification and sequestration, to reduce the potential for scale formation on equipment surfaces.</p> <p>Infinity scale inhibitors are proven to be considerably more effective at controlling inorganic hard scales than any other commercially available technology.</p> <p>Recorded benefits include:</p> <ul> <li>Increased pulp production</li> <li>Improved pulp quality</li> <li>Reduced chemical costs</li> <li>Reduced steam usage</li> <li>Increased time between shutdowns</li> </ul> <h2>Mode of Action</h2> <p>Infinity scale inhibitors bring together multiple scale control mechanisms to significantly reduce the potential for scale. To prevent initial scale formation, the scale inhibitors nucleate small, scale-forming crystals in the bulk solution so that the crystals do not attach to and form scale on equipment surfaces (dispersion and sequestration).</p> <p>To slow and minimize scale formation, the scale inhibitors modify the surfaces of existing crystals so that new layers of scale do not form (threshold inhibition). For any scale that does form, the scale inhibitors disrupt the structure of the scale (crystal modification), making it softer and easier to remove.</p> <h2>More Information</h2> <p>To learn more about Infinity scale inhibitors, or if you would like free technical advice on your specific scale control challenge,&nbsp;<a href="/en/contact/ask-expert/">ask a Solenis expert today</a>.</p>


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