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Kymene™ Wet-strength Additives

Kymene wet-strength additives comprise a family of products proven to significantly improve the wet strength of paper. Kymene additives have been trusted by papermakers for more than 50 years. And, thanks to our ambitious R&D program, they’ve only improved with time.

Commercial applications confirm that Kymene wet-strength additives provide a number of value-added benefits:

  • Improved wet strength
  • Improved retention and drainage
  • Enhanced creping control
  • Improved dry strength
  • Reduced chemical costs
  • Improved machine runnability

Today, Solenis offers the broadest portfolio of wet-strength resins in the world. We provide Kymene wet-strength additives in a wide range of solids content to ensure the perfect fit for your needs. Our portfolio can help you balance freight costs, shelf life and product stability concerns.

How They Work

Kymene wet-strength additives are water-soluble polymer products. The most commonly used solutions are formulated with polyamide-epichlorohydrin (PAE) resin chemistry and are intended primarily for the consumer market. PAE resins function in neutral/alkaline papermaking processes. They have a high level of wet-strength permanence, help improve machine efficiency and do not adversely affect paper absorbency.

Kymene additives work during the curing process, when the functional groups on the Kymene polymer react with cellulose fiber to form a covalent bond. The polymer molecules cross-link, forming a network in the cellulose web that provides strength when the paper becomes wet. Kymene wet-strength products can also reinforce existing fiber-to-fiber bonds, which further enhance the strength of the paper.

For even greater paper performance, Hercobond™ dry strength additives can be used with Kymene wet-strength additives. This combination can increase wet and dry tensile performance by as much as 25 percent.

More Information

If you’d like more information about Kymene wet-strength additives, browse our additional resources below:

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