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OptiFillSM Program

<p>To&nbsp;stay competitive, graphic and specialty paper&nbsp;producers must find new ways to reduce costs during the papermaking process. Substituting expensive fiber with lower-cost fillers or fiber can reduce a papermaker&rsquo;s costs, but it can also result in paper quality or productivity issues.</p> <p>The OptiFill program enables fiber-filler optimization that delivers significant cost reduction without compromising quality or productivity. Other benefits include:</p> <ul> <li>Fiber optimization</li> <li>Reduced fiber usage</li> <li>Reduce energy usage</li> <li>Improved sheet quality</li> </ul> <h2>Mode of Action</h2> <p>The&nbsp;OptiFill program is designed for use in coated and uncoated freesheet and mechanical grades. It employs the use of a novel dry-strength additive and/or an advanced retention and drainage aid.</p> <p>The&nbsp;dry-strength additive enhances the bonding of filler and fiber to maintain sheet strength in the wet-end and in the finished sheet. The retention and drainage aid maintains first-pass ash retention, controls z-direction filler distribution and maximizes drainage without impacting sheet formation.</p> <p>A&nbsp;modified calcium carbonate filler can be used as part of the OptiFill program to further increase filler use while maintaining bulk and stiffness.</p> <h2>Recorded Results</h2> <p>Paper&nbsp;mills that use the OptiFill program have realized significant cost savings. In one case study, a paper producer that converted to the program realized big benefits:</p> <ul> <li>Increased filler use from 20 to 25 percent</li> <li>Increased productivity, even on extended production runs</li> <li>Cost savings of over $1 million annually</li> </ul> <h2>More Information</h2> <p>To learn more about the OptiFill program or for free technical advice on fiber optimization,&nbsp;<a href="/en/contact/ask-expert/">ask a Solenis expert today</a>.&nbsp;Or discover more solutions for&nbsp;<a href="/en/markets/pulp-paper/graphic-specialty-papers/">graphic and specialty papers</a>.&nbsp;</p>


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