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Xelorex™ Paper Performance Additives

<p>Xelorex paper performance additives are a revolutionary family of polymers that streamline and simplify wet-end papermaking. Xelorex additives often reduce or eliminate the need for starch, dry strength, drainage and retention aids, contaminant control agents, and sizing and charge control additives. They also improve the initial wet web strength (IWWS), decreasing the number of breaks and increasing productivity. Xelorex additives are an excellent choice for new packaging machine start-ups and conversions due to their multi-functional nature and ability to solve multiple problems quickly.</p> <p>Customers using Xelorex paper performance additives realize a number of benefits:</p> <ul> <li>Improved paper strength, lower basis weights</li> <li>Ability to produce high-performance grades</li> <li>Improved fiber recovery, increased recycle fiber utilization</li> <li>Improved formation, better retention and drainage</li> <li>Increased machine speed, reduced machine breaks, reduced energy consumption</li> <li>Decreased sizing consumption, fewer wet-end chemicals</li> <li>Reduced Kraft utilization</li> <li>Reduced system deposition</li> </ul> <p>Xelorex paper performance additives are designed for use in packaging, graphic and specialty, and tissue and towel grades. They work over a broad pH range and are tolerant to sulfites, pH, alkalinity and conductivity swings. The technology requires a small equipment footprint and is compatible with most system additives. Xelorex polymers are extremely stable and have a shelf-life of six months or longer.</p> <h3>How It Works</h3> <p>Xelorex additives contain unique polymers that efficiently form both hydrogen and ionic bonds with fibers and fines. This delivers excellent strength improvements in many packaging grades. The high charge density of the polymers also increases ionic attraction and delivers dramatic step changes in retention, drainage and charge control. Whether it comes to reducing complexity in production, increasing stability of operations, boosting productivity or improving cost-efficiency, Xelorex additives address a broad range of needs with a single product family.</p> <h3>More Information</h3> <p>For more details on Xelorex paper performance additives or for free technical advice on ways to optimize your wet-end programs, <a href="/en/contact/ask-expert/">ask a Solenis expert today</a>.</p>


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