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Brasil Kirin

New cleaning efficiencies helped deliver on several key sustainability goals, without compromising cleanliness or quality of the beer.


Brasil Kirin, one of the largest Brazilian breweries and beverage companies, has been a Diversey partner for more than 10 years. This longtime customer approached the Diversey for help increasing the availability of the plant for production and reducing the consumption and generation of industrial effluents.


Diversey led with purposeful innovation, focusing on a customized Clean in Place (CIP) process to better clean the interior of pipes and other process equipment without the need for an expensive and time-consuming disassembly process. The team evaluated and adapted existing engineering systems, CIP dosing and the innovative Divosan Uniforce System solution to carry out the cleaning process in a single step, reaching all objectives. 


This new cleaning process helped deliver on several key sustainability goals, without compromising the quality of the cleaning or beer quality. 

The new cleaning process has: 

  • Reduced water use by 50% by eliminating an intermediate rinse 
  • Reduced effluent emissions by 32% 
  • Decreased energy use by 56% 

By speeding up the cleaning process, more time was made available for production, increasing overall output for the plant. Leveraging a concentrated detergent disinfection formulation, the team also reduced chemical consumption. In addition, Diversey has provided CIP training to all Kirin employees so that the company could ensure the new, optimal process was maintained.

This project won the Brewery Award of Excellence in Sustainability from the Master Brewers Association of the Americas (MBAA) in 2014. The award recognizes innovative processes that support sustainability in brewing production.

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