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Cannon Memorial YMCA Woodcare

Cannon Memorial YMCA selects best athletic wood floor program.

Revolutionized cleaning operations

Cannon Memorial YMCA’s Kannapolis branch in Kannapolis, North Carolina, has seen several renovations since opening in 1987 and is still a hub for programs and activities that include use of its 10,800 square-foot gymnasium.


The Kannapolis Y offers its large gymnasium to the community for a multitude of uses that go beyond its athletic programs. Community events hosted in the indoor space, including religious gatherings, community fairs and fundraisers, are exposing the wood gymnasium floor to harsh, repetitive use that causes deterioration to the floor finish.


To reduce time and labor, a clean-abrade-coat process was implemented. The Bona®FlexiSand® machine was used for simple and quick cleaning and abrasion, with minimal dust or disruption. 


Wood Care by Diversey, powered by Bona® advanced water-borne finishes can outlast the durability of oil while retaining the same high level of shine and build. Not only are gym floors usable sooner, use of Bona water-based products don’t require a full sanding at the same intervals as oil-based finishes do. There is a lower environmental impact on facility indoor air quality, and those applying the finish are working with a less toxic product. 

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