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Faygo Beverages Improves Production Efficiency with DryFormance™

To reduce excessive resource usage and enhance production output, DryFormance was tested and implemented.

Faygo Beverages, Inc., a National Beverage Company located in Detroit, renowned for its wide variety of unique soda flavors, partnered with Diversey to address ongoing downed bottle and line efficiency challenges. The study began with a comprehensive analysis of the operations between the filling and packaging machines, including evaluations of friction coefficients, motor temperatures, electrical amp draws, and other relevant data.

“After transitioning to DryFormance, our plant realized incredible line efficiencies, large savings in chemical costs, and most notably, a huge reduction in maintenance and down line time by addressing line trips and tips.”

- Plant Manager Todd Parent

In order to reduce excessive resource usage and enhance production output, Diversey implemented and tested DryFormance on one production line, replacing a previous silicone-based dry lube system. The installation was conducted by Diversey personnel during the beverage plant’s scheduled downtime, requiring approximately 165 hours.

Real Results

Following the installation of DryFormance on the initial trial line, we witnessed a remarkable 27% improvement in production by significantly reducing the number of downed PET bottles.* Along with the new system, the facility was able to achieve additional savings through reduced chemical and energy consumption, amounting to a value of over $258,000 annually.

Building on the success of the four-month long trial, two additional conveyor lines were subsequently converted. Leveraging the Diversey team’s familiarity with the plant’s conveyor systems, the installation of DryFormance™ on these two lines was completed using only 48 additional hours.

Improved Sustainability Impacts of DryFormance™

Beverage companies can enhance their sustainability efforts and achieve cost savings by incorporating DryFormance, which offers benefits in the following areas: 

  • Water savings
  • Energy savings
  • Asset protection
  • Maintenance reduction

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