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Goedegebuur Beef Processor Reduces Cleaning Time and Improves Cleaning Result with Diverclean Sonic

Watch our interview with Sander van der Matten, QESH Manager, where he describes the improvements delivered by using Diverclean Sonic pre-treatment technology.

Quality Food Needs Sustainable Hygiene Processes

Goedegebuur Vlees Rotterdam B.V. is a  Rotterdam-based family firm which has specialized in deboning and processing beef hindquarters for 100 years. They pride themselves on supplying high-quality carefully selected, premium beef throughout Europe.

GoedegebuuLike all companies in the food and beverage processing sector, the quest to produce efficiently with the lowest environmental footprint is a neverending challenge. At Diversey, we are continuously innovating to help our customers reach their hygiene, quality, efficiency and sustainability goals. Diverclean Sonic is one such product that has made a difference for Goedegebuur. 

The clean-up after processing beef tends to be time and labor-intensive and this was creating a bottleneck in Goedegebuur's efficiency. A large percentage of cleaning time was spent removing fat from the conveyor belts and the floor. Hot water alone is not enough, it requires chemical assistance. Before Diverclean Sonic, Goedegebuur's cleaning regime took around 80 to 85 hours per week. Since applying Diverclean Sonic pre-clean technology to help remove hardened soils, cleaning time has been reduced by 30%, saving water, time and energy. 

Sander van der Matten, QESH Manager, shares more about the improvements received by using Diverclean Sonic below. 


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