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Highland Brewery

Consistent, efficient and sustainable.

Highland Brewery, located in Asheville, N.C., is well known for its high quality products. The company still holds tight to its core values of integrity and respect for employees, people, and the environment. In its current location, which has grown over the years, Highland is capable of producing up to 1,000 barrels of brews per week and has the capability to produce up to 20 styles of beer.  

As the brewery has grown, so has its following of loyal customers.  In order to retain the brewery’s high quality product reputation, Highland’s operations and suppliers are critical. Diversey helps Highland optimize their cleaning processes with the most efficient and environmentally sound chemicals possible, while also reducing the downtime required to clean their brewing equipment.  

You see, when it comes to the brewing process, cleanliness is not only a requirement but a key part of the equation that produces a consistent, high quality brewed product each and every time. Diversey’s work at Highland Brewery has allowed them to reduce their tank cleaning time while also allowing them to maintain and improve cleanliness, freshness, and flavor characteristics of Highland’s brews. This reduction also leads to significant improvements in Highland’s energy and water use supporting the company’s commitment to sustainability. 

Diversey cleaning protocols allow Highland Brewery’s brewmaster to rest easy knowing her Highland Gaelic Ale will have the same taste and texture its patrons have come to expect over the years.