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Improving Efficiency and Reducing Infections at Sant Pau Hospital

SmartView enables Sant Pau to have clear visibility over the cleaning process.

Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona is the oldest hospital in Spain and was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1997. It continues to be a leading medical centre. In 2016, more than 145,000 emergencies were recorded, 35,000 patients admitted and there were 350,000 external consultations. In total, 36,000 surgical operations were carried out.

To maintain the safest possible environment for patients and to reduce the number of patients prolonging their stay as a result of infections, hospital cleaning and disinfection is a crucial daily task. Minimising the risk of hospital acquired infections (HAI) is a clear objective for all Spanish hospitals, as HAIs affected 4,608 patients in Spain in 2016. Bacteria can spread rapidly and must be deeply cleaned and disinfected every day.


Though closely monitored, the Centre wanted an innovative system that could more accurately track and manage cleaning processes and get overviews in real-time. The Diversey SmartView platform was quickly implemented. The system reported parameters, provided analysis, identified potential problems related to hygiene and cleaning standards and promptly alerted staff when corrective action was required.

  • Provides real-time communication flow between room administrators, nurses, and cleaners
  • Manages room occupancy
  • Monitors SLA (Infection Prevention Protocols)
  • Generates corrective action plans
  • Visually-based; very easy for employees to use
  • Connects databases
  • Enables the team to adjust hospital budgets


The implementation of SmartView has undeniably increased hospital efficiency:

  • The cleaner’s time is used more effectively
  • Improved organization
  • Higher patient safety
  • Well-structured cleaning protocols; recurrent bacterial outbreaks identified
  • Appropriate corrective measures applied on time, when and where necessary
  • Improved hospital economics/budget

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