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Penn Manor School Districts Gymnasiums Transformed

With a total of six gymnasiums Penn Manor needs its wood floors to withstand frequent foot traffic and look their best at all times.

Penn Manor School District is made up of seven elementary buildings, two middle schools and one high school in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. With a total of six gymnasiums used for athletic teams, health classes and after-school activities, Penn Manor needs its wood floors to withstand frequent foot traffic and look their best at all times.


Previously, Penn Manor was using epoxy-based finishes in its gymnasiums. These finishes required a lot of abrasion before application and a much longer time to dry than other solutions on the market. Penn Manor would close off gyms for seven days to ensure the finish was completely dry and ready for athletic play. “The labor hours with our previous finish was extremely intensive and the product took 3-4 times longer to dry and cure,” said Chip Mathias, Buildings and Grounds Director, Penn Manor School District. “Over time, some of our gymnasiums began to look neglected, so we sought a solution that would improve our processes and the look of our floors.”


Through a partnership with Bona®, a leader in hardwood floor care, Diversey, the leader in smart sustainable solutions for cleaning and hygiene, is able to offer a best-in-class wood care product range. Penn Manor worked with Diversey’s floor care experts to select Bona SuperCourt OPTUM®, a one-component waterborne finish for wood floors that has the superior features of a premium two-component finish.

Bona SuperCourt OPTUM® is incredibly easy to apply and is Green Seal® certified under GS-11, GREENGUARD Gold certified for indoor air quality and is virtually odorless. Specifically formulated for professional use on athletic wood floors, Bona SuperCourt OPTUM® offers a highly durable urethane finish with good build, making it easier to maintain than other finishes available on the market. And, the fast-drying formula means that floors are ready for play in just 24-hours.

“We had heard that local universities had been using Optum with great success, so we were eager to try it,” added Mathias. “Diversey’s team allowed us to test the product and see the outstanding results firsthand.” The finish was applied to one gymnasium floor in the summer of 2018 and since then, Penn Manor has applied Bona SuperCourt OPTUM® at the remaining gymnasiums district-wide. “The drying time and durability are just incredible with Optum, and it reduces odors by about 70% compared to our previous finish,” added Mathias.


With Bona SuperCourt OPTUM® athletic wood floor finish, Penn Manor School District realizes the following benefits:

  • Enhanced look and feel. Bona SuperCourt OPTUM® has a vibrant gloss finish which offers better depth, richer colors and clearer playing lines. Additionally, the finish improves the feel of the floors, as it is not overly tacky and is less slippery than the previous finish. By drastically improving the look and feel of gymnasium floors, it gives district leaders, coaches, teachers, students and athletes pride in Penn Manor’s gyms.
  • Quicker turnaround time. With Bona SuperCourt OPTUM®, Penn Manor can prep its 11,200-square-foot high school gymnasium in less than eight hours and apply finish the same or next day. Because it is a waterborne finish, it dries after about 2-3 hours and is ready for play after just 24 hours — a vast improvement compared to other finishes.
  • Easier, safer and more cost-effective maintenance. Penn Manor saves an excess of 30 hours of labor with each floor finish application, as the custodial team has an easier time applying Bona SuperCourt OPTUM® floor finish than the previous finish and actually enjoys the process. There is virtually no odor with the finish, which allows the district to forgo extensive air system set-ups to circulate air during application and offers peace of mind that the custodial staff isn’t in harm’s way. Lastly, the finish offers increased scratch durability and protects against perspiration and routine cleaning, making it easier and more cost-effective to maintain.

“Optum is a no brainer because it saves our district time and money, especially during summer when we are focused on preparing the school for the return of students and staff,” added Mathias. “From the custodial team to coaches to visiting schools during games, we’ve gotten so many compliments about the way our gym floors look and feel.”

Wood care products are just one part of Diversey’s comprehensive floor care line; integrating chemicals, application tools, smart machines, training and support ensuring quality results. Want more information about Wood Care by Diversey, Powered by Bona®, or other floor care solutions.

Bona® is an innovative, environmentally-conscious company dedicated to creating beautiful floors since 1919. Bona US, the North American subsidiary of BonaAB in Malmö, Sweden, manufactures and distributes floor and home care products. `The first in the industry to offer a full system of waterborne hardwood floor finishing and floor care products certified for indoor air quality by GREENGUARD, these Bona products can be found throughout the U.S. and Canada. From residue-free hardwood floor cleaners to a beautiful array of stains and high durability finishes, consumers, distributors, contractors and cleaning professionals trust Bona. For more information, please contact Bona US at (800) 872-5515 or

Green Seal® Standard GS-11 based on effective performance, minimized/recycled packaging, and protective limits on VOCs and human toxicity.

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