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Radisson Blu Lowers Laundry Impacts

With water conservation in mind, Radisson Blu initiated a test of Diversey's Clax Advanced system.

Radisson Blu is an upscale international chain of full-service hotels and resorts for Radisson Hospitality, Inc. in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Radisson Blu features 380 unique hotels, open or coming soon, in the most dynamic sought after leisure destinations and airport gateways in the world. Radisson Blu® does their part to help conserve and protect the earth’s priceless water supply with the company’s Blu Planet initiative; constantly looking for new technology and solutions to reduce the environmental footprint of hotel operations.

The Challenge

Located in one of the driest areas on earth, water is especially scarce in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

  • UAE per capita water consumption is much higher than other parts of the world, 360 L daily use of water per person
  • 70% of water comes from costly desalinization
  • 200L global daily use of water per person

With water conservation in mind, the Diversey team approached Radisson Blu to initiate a 4-month trial project in its Dubai Deira Creek hotel in the UAE. The hotel agreed to test the Diversey Clax Advanced system. Clax Advanced maintains high levels of cleaning while eliminating a rinse cycle and washing at lower temperatures that require less water and labor. Low temperature laundry washing uses less steam and electricity.

The Results 

The Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek testing showed that the Clax Advanced laundry solution significantly reduced water and energy consumption as well as the hotel’s carbon footprint — from growing and producing cotton linen, to lessening a very water, energy, and chemical intense process. • 26% less water

  • 23% less steam
  • 6% less electricity
  • 10% less wash cycle times
  • 26% less waste water
  • 26% less CO2 emissions

Download the full story here.

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