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Radisson Hotel Group Strengthens their Food Safety Culture with Diversey Consulting

A partnership to develop a globally uniform food safety and soap dispensation quality program.

Radisson Hotel Group has recently launched a global partnership with Diversey Consulting to develop, implement and verify the Radisson Corporate Food Safety Management System and the Radisson Corporate Quality and Safety Assurance program for the use of soap and amenity dispensers.

Diversey Consulting is the Food Safety & Risk Management division of Diversey, and consists of a global network of dedicated food safety experts.


Strengthen and standardize Radisson Hotel Group’s existing rigorous Quality and Safety Assurance program with a Safety Assurance program for soap and amenity dispensers in partnership with the two divisions Diversey & Diversey Consulting. 


Radisson Hotel Group & Diversey Consulting have partnered to develop a uniform food safety & soap dispensation quality program.

The Radisson HACCP-Based Food Safety Management System, will be uniformly implemented in a global corporate roll-out across all hotel and resort properties, but locally customized for legal country specific purposes. Through training, sampling and auditing, the Diversey Consulting specialists will ensure a flawless implementation of the Group’s policies.

With this approach, Radisson Hotel Group will be able to standardize and strengthen their already solid Food Safety Culture. Diversey’s recommendations for pro-active action plans will mitigate risks to prevent food safety incidents for the Group, provide a trusted environment to Radisson’s guests worldwide.

Dispensers’ quality and safety program

As part of their sustainability policy, Radisson Hotel Group is implementing the use of larger soap dispensers and amenities in its rooms. In selected locations and brands, waste is reduced even further by allowing to refill the dispensers a limited number of times under strict hygienic controls. The microbiological cleanliness of the refillable dispensers at the Group’s hotel and resort properties, is now part of an integrated quality and safety program audited by Diversey Consulting.

The Diversey Consulting auditor will inspect the hygiene status of the equipment and verify if the correct re-filling, cleaning and replacement procedures are met.  The program consists of a collection of samples collection and microbiological analysis of the soap, shampoo and central soap supply.  Thus creating a complete safe and safety program combined with a consistent brand safety standard.


This international project will result in a re-envisioned and modernized food safety deployment for Radisson Hotel Group and is currently being rolled out on all the continents by  Diversey’s skilled trainers and auditors. The inspection of soap safety and dispensers is part of the comprehensive food safety audit report with subsequent action plans, follow ups, and on-line access to results to identify trends and pinpoint the necessary guidance to employees.

These two programs provide an integrated safety and quality synergy , in addition to significant monetary savings.

“We believe that Excellence in Services comes from understanding our customer’s operations and needs, putting together the best professionals and working closely with our clients.” Antonio Antolin, Consulting Europe and Global Accounts Director, said.

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