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Revolutionized Laundry Operations

Minoa Palace Resort & Spa wanted a more efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly solution.


Minoa Palace Resort & Spa, one of the finest 5-star resort hotels in Crete, wanted a more efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly solution to improve their laundry operations. With Diversey's help they implemented IntelliLinen™ — a sophisticated smart laundry dispenser that tracks energy, water and chemical consumption in real-time.


Resorts of this scale can be challenged with large volumes of linen every day. A quality laundering system that is both eco-conscious and cost-efficient is essential. The Minoa Palace Resort & Spa covers 35,000 m2. It comprises two main buildings, including 1,254 rooms and suites, four restaurants, four bars, a spa and a wellness centre, as well as communal and private pools, a mini club, and much more.


Having successfully lowered environmental impacts by implementing Diversey’s low-temperature Clax® Advanced Program for a number of years, resort operators wanted to improve laundry operations even more. By adding Diversey's innovative monitoring technology IntelliLinen™, operators could manage inefficiencies at a glance, showing  where water and energy consumption can be reduced and when chemical dosages can be more consistent. Along with expert support from Diversey, IntelliLinen decreased rewash levels, avoids machine under-usage and keeps operations lean, sustainable and efficient without losing quality and performance. Information is easily monitored 24/7 via smart phones and tablets.


IntelliLinen™ has helped revolutionize the way that the Minoa Palace Resort & Spa handles their laundry operations. By tracking and acting quickly to minimize problems in real-time, the resort greatly reduces their impact on the environment. With improved statistics, it’s been effortless to make adjustments and increase the overall laundry efficiency:

  • In depth washer productivity data
  • Reduces rewash
  • Maximize water and chemical usage for large wash volumes
  • Improved sustainability strategy, reduced environmental impacts
  • Prompt attention to problems
  • Excellent wash quality enhances the resort’s brand image

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