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NACE Corrosion 2018

Date: April 15, 2018 - April 19, 2018

Location: Phoenix Convention Center | Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A.

Corrosion 2018 is the world’s largest corrosion conference and exposition. Each year, Corrosion welcomes more than 6,000 corrosion engineers, scientists, researchers, technicians, asset owners, inspectors, and other professionals from over 60 countries across the world. This comprehensive conference is packed with technical education and knowledge exchange, along with opportunities to connect with industry experts and peers focused on the prevention and mitigation of corrosion worldwide.

Solenis experts will present the following papers:

  • A New and Novel Abiotic-Biotic Foulant Sensor for Aqueous Systems - by: Edward Beardwood
  • Recovery & Repassivation After Low pH Excursion in Cooling Water Systems - by: Edward Beardwood
  • Dispersants for Biofilm Control – Using Biocides Better - by: John Chapman

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