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XXVIII International Congress & Expoacotepac 2019

Date: February 20, 2019 - February 22, 2019

Location: Hotel Dann Carlton | Cali, Colombia

Booth No: 49/50

During the International Congress and Expoacotepac, senior executives from leading local and international paper companies will meet to discuss key challenges in the paper industry.

While at Expoacotepac, Solenis will promote its latest innovations in three key areas:

Kymene™ wet-strength resin innovations - based on polyamide-epichlorohydrin (PAE) resin chemistry, these resins help papermakers improve the wet strength of grades intended primarily for the consumer market. Designed to be used at neutral-to-alkaline pH, PAE resins have a high level of wet-strength permanence, help improve machine efficiency and do not adversely affect paper absorbency as do some other chemistries.

Tapestry℠ Yankee coating solutions - a toolbox of capabilities that enable tissue makers to develop a consistently reliable Yankee coating. The toolbox includes a family of industry-leading technologies, a team of applications and field experts with deep experience in optimizing Yankee coating properties, and a robust R&D organization that constantly advances the leading edge of tissue making science. When tissue mills use Tapestry resin to optimize their Yankee coating, they can overcome operating-condition challenges and achieve a number of key benefits.

Superior service and support for tissue machine start-ups - our experts will also be on hand to talk about how Solenis can help tissue makers with new machine start-up planning and implementation, including total chemistry requirements, dosing equipment and operator and technical training.

During the congress, Solenis’ Noemy Svitras, tissue marketing and applications manager, will present a paper titled “Advances in Coating Technology for Tissue.”