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<p>The world is changing &mdash; and so are the challenges facing pulp producers. Solenis can help provide sustainable solutions to these challenges by combining the world&rsquo;s leading specialty chemical portfolio with advanced digital automation and control systems.</p> <p>Our pulp processing solutions include process aids and pulp processing additives that improve pulp production and quality, causticizing loop efficiency, bleach plant performance and byproducts recovery. We also offer an extensive line of water treatment chemistries and innovative technologies for recovery boiler systems.</p> <p>Solenis&rsquo; dedicated global pulp applications team is focused on tailoring every solution to the unique challenges facing each customer, because the key to maximizing program value is applying the right chemistry, in the right place and in the right amount.</p> <p>Whether you are trying to increase production, reduce carbon footprint, maintain quality or protect assets, providing sustainable solutions is at the heart of everything we do. Our new-to-the-world products contribute to a circular economy while improving the sustainability footprint and performance of our customers&rsquo; products. The pulp processing industry is evolving, and we must work together to provide a brighter, more sustainable future in all regions of the world.</p>

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