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Clax™ Magic

Professional Stain Management Program

Designed to disappear.

<p><span data-contrast="auto">Clax Magic is a comprehensive range designed for the effective removal of tough stains and heavy soils from linen. The four innovative spotter formulations are ready-, easy- and safe to use and help to extend linen lifetime by eliminating the need for rewash.</span></p> <p><span data-contrast="auto">The dedicated reclaim program includes solutions for the removal of all kinds of tough stains not removed the first time, including yellow stains from sun blockers, and typical stains on heavily soiled workwear.</span></p>

Clax™ Advanced

Clax Advanced offers the solution you need for the results you want – superior, consistently clean and bright laundry at low wash temperatures to lower your operational cost and reduce your environmental impact. 

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IntelliLinen is the ultimate evolution to manage your laundry operation. IntelliLinen spots operational inefficiencies at a glance while giving you easy-to-use management information anytime, anywhere

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Linen Consulting

Through our focus on the complete linen life cycle, we help businesses preserve linen and optimize resources to help protect their brand as well as our planet. Learn how we can help guide you to the right linen purchase.

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