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OPTIXTM Applied Intelligence

A novel analytics tool for papermakers that provides a competitive edge.

Solenis’ OPTIX Applied Intelligence is a novel adaptive analytics platform for papermakers that is built with the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities available today. Unlike other paper mill analytics tools, OPTIX does not require time-consuming data interpretation but rather provides a real-time, calculated value for critical quality parameters.

Once online and operational, OPTIX enables mill operators to more effectively optimize the papermaking process and meet quality targets. Key benefits reported by actual customers using this paper mill analytics tool include:

  • Optimized basis weight
  • Improved quality consistency
  • Optimized chemistry
  • Increased production volume
  • Reduced variability
  • Increased speed

The OPTIX Applied Intelligence platform applies robust data science techniques to turn complex, multidimensional relationships into an accurate, real-time, adaptive “soft sensor.” This sensor — a sophisticated mathematical model — analyzes key process variables in real-time and provides a minute-by-minute quality profile of machine-direction properties for the entire length of the reel.

Typical quality parameters modeled using this novel paper mill analytics tool include dry tensile, wet tensile, wet tear, ring crush, bursting strength (Mullen) and compression strength (STFI).

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Learn how OPTIX creates adaptive quality predictions

Traditionally, machine control decisions have been managed using quality data received after the reel production, roughly every 45 minutes or longer. Now, OPTIX provides high-frequency data every 30 seconds and significantly more insight into the primary quality parameter than physical lab measurements alone. For the first time, operators can confidently optimize furnish mixture, material and chemistry usage, reduce off-quality production, and increase throughput — all while having a deeper understanding of the impact to the finished quality parameter.

Discover how OPTIX delivers real-time quality measurement

OPTIX Applied Intelligence creates competitive advantage for papermakers. It enables operators to optimize their use of wet- or dry-strength additives, which can significantly reduce chemical costs. This novel paper mill analytics tool also makes it possible to optimize basis weight, which allows for reduced drying time, increased line speeds and, ultimately, increased production.

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OPTIX™ Applied Intelligence

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