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Intelligent CIP Unlocks Your Data to Transform Cleaning-in-Place and Hygiene Compliance

Intelligent CIP’s tools transform how you see your CIP, securely and remotely processing your CIP data and shining a light deep into your automation system.

By: Food & Beverage | June 29, 2023 | Reading time: 3 minutes

Intelligent CIP's tools transform how you see your CIP. Its cloud-based analytics platform securely and remotely collates and processes your production CIP data for a quick view of any date range, specific unit, CIP circuit, or recipe.

By shining a light deep into your automation system, Intelligent CIP unlocks information that was typically buried before: comparing compliance with the site's cleaning protocols and delivering actionable insights. You can identify where your CIP is working as expected and where it's failing, enabling you to take immediate action when compliance with validated parameters has not been met.

Maintaining food safety is paramount in the food and beverage industry. Your CIP system serves as your frontline of defense. It ensures processing equipment is clean and the highest standards of hygiene compliance and food safety are achieved. As such, it's fundamental to your continued business success. However, in a fully automated process - where cleaning procedures happen in a closed system - you can't see what's really happening.

Essential data is hidden and, in common with well over 50% of sites in the food and beverage industry, your CIP system is likely running unvalidated. This makes every cleaning run a contamination risk, potentially exposing your brand to financial and reputational damage. Without essential fine-tuning, optimization can't be ensured. Running a cleaning sequence defined by historical metrics without serious analysis of each element involved can lead to overcompensation. As a result, long cleaning cycles with exaggerated times and chemical concentrations become the norm.

Continuous Process Monitoring Ensures Hygienic Compliance

Real-time insight from Intelligent CIP's continuous process monitoring measures the effectiveness of each CIP cleaning run against hygienic compliance, producing a cleaning run compliance report broken down by phase, parameter, and the duration each parameter meets the target.  With an overview of chemical and utilities, you can also track your water, energy, and chemical consumption. With this platform, you can effectively manage your KPIs for food safety, efficiency, and quality improvements to achieve significant savings and efficiencies. These enhance your overall competitive edge in an industry where margins are typically tight, and competition is intense.

Analyzing data from your entire CIP process, from start to finish multiple times, brings new eyes to your operations. Bearing in mind that each facility is unique with different numbers of products, lines, and recipe changes to be taken into account. Intelligent CIP's primary focus is on hygiene, regardless of sector. The platform is designed to make sense of the data in your automation system and identify whether the process has met the expected targets or something has gone wrong. The clear advantage over a traditional system is being able to identify whether you are cleaning enough or even too much.

Uncovering Hidden Opportunities to Optimize

A compliance dashboard and detailed reports provide insights and run data comparisons. Indicators identify opportunities over time where you can instigate improvements to optimize your CIP processes - all without compromising food safety.

Intelligent CIP flags up instances of process variation in the automated programs while highlighting issues from historical data and providing insights that can be interpreted to predict future issues. Unnecessary cleaning is lost production time and revenue. As a result, you can look forward to improving operational efficiency and sustainability without any negative effect on your cleaning results.

Staying Compliant and In Control

Repeatability is the golden nugget in the analysis. Overlaying historical cleaning run data from the same recipe on top of each other gives a clear picture. In the past, it was only possible to take a snapshot at one point in time; now, effectively, you have the full album to identify systematic concerns. You gain the freedom to interpret and take action that fits with your production. You'll finally be able to truly understand if your CIP process is compliant and maintain it firmly under your control in the future.

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