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Water Treatment – Adding Value to an Essential Component of the Food and Beverage Production Process

Your water treatment policy is becoming a key differential - influencing investment, consumer choice and market success.

By: Food & Beverage | August 27, 2021 | Reading time: 3 minutes

The essential nature of water in food and beverage (F&B) production explains the predominant focus on this increasingly precious resource in every sector in which Diversey's F&B division operates. What elevates water is the complex relationship it has in the manufacture of your product and the vital role it, therefore, plays in your commitments to sustainability, your consumers, the environment beyond your facilities, and in many other additional aspects. 

It's not enough to just recognise this complexity. If your current approach views your key areas of water management in isolation or applies a one-size-fits-all solution, the resulting management of water is unlikely to be effective or efficient. With many of the old certainties concerning water usage being disrupted, it's increasingly a time for reassessment.

Responding to the Changing Landscape

It's why Diversey is making this a year in which we?re reaffirming water as a key focus. It has always been a priority of our constant commitment to implement what is best for our customers, in providing the latest innovative water treatment technologies and support at every stage of production. However, after the challenges of the pandemic, it's now an opportunity to identify a new vision while defining this as a moment to respond and realign to the changing water landscape.

Working toward a clear and consistent strategy that recognises both complexity and disruption is vital. Specifically, a strategy that integrates hygiene and water management to deliver savings and additional value throughout your production processes.  

Managing All of Your Water Treatment Needs

Your water treatment policy is becoming a key differential - influencing investment, consumer choice and market success. If you want to ensure this is maximised, you need to count on a consultative relationship with a water treatment supplier who delivers broad expertise in a total approach.

With this in place, you can expect a combination of targeted solutions which collectively aim to enhance your safety, efficiency and sustainability ? aligned with the benefits of ongoing and collaborative expert analysis.

This strategy drives the kind of all-encompassing analysis that's more likely to reveal the hidden opportunities to make savings in the lifecycle of your production process, and can ultimately also be more rewarding for your profitability in the long-term.

Expertise That Sets Us Apart

Diversey's approach is to manage hygiene and water quality as a complete system. It's a system that provides everything you need all in one place and through one single point of contact. We have cemented our commitment to this proposition in our recent agreement with water treatment specialists, Solenis.

This has enabled a mutual, complementary technology partnership of globally acknowledged expertise that delivers innovative tools, including specialisms from Solenis in process, functional and water treatment chemistries, as well as state-of-the-art monitoring and control systems. It's the creation of this world class combination of hygiene expertise and water treatment specialisms that sets us apart in our offer to the food, beverage, dairy, and life sciences industries.

Working Together With Water 

When we work together in partnership, we can increase your efficiency, optimise the quality of the water you use and protect the life of your assets by avoiding the corrosion and scale that adversely impacts the efficiency of your production. We will help you meet your regulatory requirements, promote water re-use, reduce your water and energy consumption, while reducing waste to lessen your environmental footprint, so you can achieve a significant reduction in your total cost of operations.  

It's time to re-evaluate your water usage on site, in heating, cooling, filtration and your hygiene processes. Join Diversey this year in making the most of your water and, as a result, making the utmost of your business.  

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