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World Environment Day 2024

Protecting Our Planet’s Lifeblood

By: William Grayson | June 5, 2024 | Reading time: 3 minutes
This year’s World Environment Day campaign focuses on land restoration, desertification, and drought resilience under the slogan “Our land. Our future. We are #GenerationRestoration.” One of the major global challenges intertwined with these issues is water scarcity. Although water is often referred to as our most precious resource, the water supply has been taken for granted in some parts of the world and remains a constant challenge in others. The food and beverage (F&B) industry is one of the largest consumers of water for irrigation, processing, and the final product.
Treatment plant waste water aeration basin bubble

As global water scarcity intensifies, optimization, water recycling, reuse, and treatment are vital for protecting this increasingly threatened resource. New trends are evolving in response to the unfolding global crisis. How can you harness these developments in wastewater treatment to significantly contribute towards your sustainability goals, reduce your total cost of ownership, and maintain profitability and your brand reputation?

Protecting Our Planet’s Lifeblood 

Water is our planet’s lifeblood. It is essential in keeping our environment, economy, and society healthy. However, the status of this most precious commodity is increasingly precarious. Rapid population growth, climate change, and geopolitical instability are creating unprecedented pressures. Approximately 703 million people lack access to clean water, which equates to a staggering 1 in 10 people on the planet.

With the increasing scarcity of drinking water, the reduction of water being sent to waste and the reuse of wastewater streams is becoming an urgent ecological and economic priority. Although conserving water or using it smartly may not have been a key priority for the F&B production sector in the past, the new realities are dramatically changing the approach to water treatment. Optimizing water consumption and reusing wastewater is critically important.

Innovation Based on Sound Water Stewardship

The importance of sound water stewardship is reflected in Diversey’s commitment to improving water efficiency in our supply chain. We are constantly innovating to find sustainable solutions in the context of working wisely with water, and it remains a key focus of our ESG initiatives.

Chemical addition process in Water Treatment Plant

In combination with the global water treatment chemistries and equipment provided by our parent company, Solenis, our experts offer an unmatched level of service and specialized focus to the food, beverage, dairy, and life science industries. Applying our cutting-edge water treatment solutions to your processing facilities maximizes water reuse to reduce consumption and disposal requirements, removes pollutants to minimize environmental impact, and ensures wastewater discharge compliance — while always maintaining the highest food safety and quality standards.

Our Distinctive Approach

As a flexible single supplier, we provide knowledge, expertise, and a full suite of water treatment technologies and hygiene solutions all in one place. Most common water treatment solutions available adopt a very similar approach, enabling us to achieve differentiation. Diversey can help you stay ahead of the curve as the needs of the F&B industry continue to evolve and change quickly.

Regardless of the size of your facility, Diversey consistently delivers targeted solutions that can be tailored to fit your specific needs and streamline your cleaning and sanitation processes. As a true partner, we work closely to identify your needs and to help protect your reputation and brand with hygiene solutions that drive food safety throughout your operations. With each agreed-upon step undertaken, we ensure that together we get the utmost out of every drop of the precious water you use.

Diversey and Solenis can support you with your water treatment program and help you achieve your sustainability ambitions. Our approach is to manage hygiene and water quality as a complete system to deliver additional value, increase efficiency, protect assets, meet regulatory requirements, and reduce the environmental footprint of your operations. By taking a tailored approach that balances our knowledge, expertise, advanced chemistry, and equipment technology, we can offer a total solution that reflects and responds to the changing needs of the F&B industry. 

As we commemorate World Environment Day 2024, let’s embrace the theme “Our land. Our future. We are #GenerationRestoration” and recognize the vital role we play in land restoration and drought resilience. By adopting innovative water management strategies, the F&B industry can significantly contribute to environmental sustainability. Diversey is dedicated to supporting your efforts with cutting-edge solutions. To explore the latest trends and advancements in water treatment, we invite you to download Diversey’s Trend Report. Together, we can pave the way for a sustainable future.


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William Grayson

Global Marketing Communications F&B Diversey – A Solenis Company

William joined Solenis in March 2023 as part of the acquisition of Diversey. He has 18 years of experience in the Food and Beverage segment combined with a background in chemistry and marketing.