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Corn Oil Extraction Aid Inventor Gets a 'Pat-(ent)' on the Back

November 3, 2014


WILMINGTON, Del. (Nov. 03, 2014) – After bringing corn oil extraction aids to the market four years ago and proving they could help fuel ethanol producers capture up to three times more corn oil, Solenis has received a U.S. patent (Patent No. US 8,841,469 B2) for the use of chemical additives to improve the separation of corn oil in the ethanol production process. The innovative manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the biorefining, chemical processing, oil and gas, and other markets had first filed a provisional U.S. patent in March 2011 for the corn oil extraction method. The U.S. patent was issued to Solenis on September 23, 2014.

The awarding of this patent means Solenis has the right to exclude others from practicing or inducing others to practice the corn oil extraction method in the United States. The patent also covers the use of variations of the chemical additives referenced in the patent.

In addition to yielding more corn oil, Solenis’ extraction aids, which are marketed as Dimension™ corn oil extraction aids, also reduce solids in the oil, resulting in a cleaner, higher-quality oil. The extraction aids, which are easily introduced into the process, also have been shown to reduce system deposition, resulting in less downtime for system cleaning and maintenance.

“Our goal is always to drive the profitability of the companies we do business with – and our extraction aids do just that,” says Allen Ziegler, global marketing director of biorefining at Solenis. “We’re not a one-trick product company. We have a full line of products that can benefit our customers – from reducing costs to increasing productivity. On top of that, our process experts are always looking for innovative ways to further build efficiencies. It’s inherent in everything we do.”

Previously known as Ashland Water Technologies, Solenis was part of Ashland Inc. until earlier this year when it became a stand-alone company with a new name. Although the Solenis name and brand are new, the company is grounded in a strong 94-year heritage that includes previous companies Betz Laboratories, Drew, Stockhausen and Hercules. Its product portfolio includes a broad array of process, functional and water treatment chemistries as well as state-of-the-art monitoring and control systems.

Ziegler says that during the time period from Solenis filing for the patent to its receiving it, a number of companies began offering their own corn oil extraction aids, most of which utilize chemistries covered in Solenis’ patent. “The reality is that we were first to market with this technology and we have hard data to demonstrate its value, whereas with competitor products there can be significant variances in product performance.”

Now with the patent, all U.S. fuel ethanol plants will have access to Solenis’ high performance extraction aids, which are biodegradable and generally recognized as safe (GRAS) and include Kosher-certified products. Ziegler acknowledges that some plants may be concerned about Solenis’ supply capability and explains that Solenis has taken measures to address supply capacity to ensure uninterrupted delivery.

“Whether customers have a specially blended product or want validation that our technology works the same or better than what they’re currently using, we’ll work with them to get the product they need and the performance they expect,” Ziegler says. “We’re seeking to bring greater value to fuel ethanol plants with our patented and proven technology. But just as important, we want to establish good relationships with those companies.”

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