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Diversey Hygienizer™: Diversey’s Latest Addition to the Covid-19 Warrior’s Armory

May 18, 2020


A personalized kit intended for workstation hygiene that is suitable for office spaces, such as ITeS, BFSI and co-working spaces, and an easy-to-adopt solution in a do-it-yourself (DIY) format for safety against infection.The Diversey HygienizerTMKit is thoughtfully designed for you to adapt and practice every day. Remember, what’s visibly clean might not be practically safe. After all, your health and safety are, literally, in your own hands...

Mumbai,18th May 2020: Diversey, a leading cleaning and hygiene solutions company, here announced the launch of another invaluable kit that will be another weapon in the Covid warrior’s armoury — the Diversey Hygienizer.

With office spaces and commercial establishments set to open shortly, this kit will provide an additional safety shield along with other measures taken by the organizations to counter the threat of Covid-19. The Diversey Hygienizer is a personal hygiene kit provided to each employee at his/her workplace to sanitize his/her  hands and personal desk.

“We at Diversey have customer-centricity as core driver of all planning and actvities. Launching the Diversey Hygienizer Kit (trademarked) is not just about introducing another need-of-the-hour product to the market; instead we are urging people to add a necessary habit to their daily routine, especially at shared office spaces.

Managing Covid19 is a healthcare challenge and adopting safe personal hygiene is the only alternative at this point of time. Responsibility for hygiene in offices can no longer be limited to the housekeeping personnel, it needs to be seriously undertaken by each one of us.  While we might have uncertainties ahead, we foresee this Hygienizer Kit to be anntegral part of the “new normal” as employees resume office wearing masks, maintaining safe distances and exercise adequate caution about sanitization of their personal work space”. - LC Das, Managing Director-India and Subcontinent, Diversey India Ltd.

About the kit

The product is part of Diversey’s endeavour to provide a simple — yet extremely robust — sanitization tool to individualsin the work space, providing a safety shield to counter the threat posed by the deadly Covid-19 virus.

TheDiversey Hygienizerkit is especially targeted at aiding employees in the IT and IT-enabled Services; banks, financial services and insurance sectors; and OBS buildings — for instance hospitals, retail shops, food productioncentres, commercial offices, production facilities, health and fitness centres, schools and colleges, hotel complexes, data centres, distribution warehouses and high-end residential properties.

The Diversey Hygienizer contains the following items (1 each):

Oxivir® RTU Spray — 500ml
Softcare Rinse-free Hand Sanitizer — 200ml
Pack of 25 Hygienizer Dry Wipes

The pack constituents are typically designed to last a month (roughly 25 working days). The usage instructions are printed on the pack and are captured in the attached flyer that can be shared with customers for reference. The outer shipper contains 12 kits and orders have to be placed in multiples of 12 to maintain the integrity of the Diversey Hygienizer kit.

About Diversey India Hygiene Pvt Ltd: Diversey is one of the few global brands in the industry which provides end to end solution for all hygiene needs to any business sector we deal with, this includes healthcare and pharma.  Diversey’s purpose is to protect and care for people every day. Diversey has been, and always will be, a pioneer and facilitator for life. We constantly seek to deliver revolutionary cleaning and hygiene technologies that provide total confidence to customers across all our global sectors.

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