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PFAS-free Oil and Grease Resistant Technology for Molded Pulp Food Service Applications (APAC)

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Date: December 17, 2020

Time: 9:00 am China Standard Time

Duration: 1 hour

Language: English

Webinar Overview

A growth area in the food service industry is pulp-based thermoformed articles, such as plates, bowls, trays and clamshells. In order to effectively hold a variety of foods for both point-of-service and takeout uses, molded pulp articles must have the ability to resist both water and oil penetration. The standard test of molded pulp’s holdout properties requires exposing the material to hot water and hot or warm oil, with a target holdout of 30 to 60 minutes or more.

Traditionally, molded fiber manufacturers have used perfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS)-based products for oil resistance and alkyl ketene dimer (AKD)-based products for water holdout.  There has been growing regulatory pressure to stop using PFAS, prompting the industry to look for suitable alternatives.

In this webinar, Larry Hutchinson and John Leckey will discuss Solenis’ new technology designed to replace the use of PFAS in the production of molded pulp food containers while meeting specific end-use performance requirements. This internally added solution is applied on conventional thermoforming molded fiber equipment and does not require additional capital or significant process modifications and is proven to be effective for a wide variety of food service applications. Applicability and limits of the new technology will be discussed.

Do you need an alternate time? Get the same valuable insights at our webinar on December 16, 2020 at 9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. 


Larry Hutchinson

Global Market Development Manager - Consumer Packaging

Larry Hutchinson began his career in the paper industry in 1979 and holds degrees in Chemical Engineering and Pulp & Paper Science from the University of Maine. He has a diverse background in manufacturing, technical consulting, market and technology development across a broad range of packaging grades.

With 25 years in global roles, 15 years living in Asia, Larry has a broad perspective on the global packaging market.  In his current role, he is responsible for global market development for Solenis’ consumer packaging portfolio, globalization of Solenis’ ecological barriers technology acquired with Topchim in March 2018, and the development of new technology to meet the needs of molded fiber producers.

John Leckey

Applications Project Manager - Sizing – Consumer Packaging

John Leckey is a graduate of the University of Maine with a degree in Chemical Engineering with a concentration on Pulp and Paper. Throughout his 35-year career with Solenis focused on the pulp and paper industry, he has held a variety of positions including product development, technical sales and service, applications, business management and marketing.

In his current role, he has worked to develop solutions for several molded pulp operations and specializes in additives to improve holdout and strength.