Solenis + Diversey:<br/>Stronger Together
Diversey Is Now Part of Solenis
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Strategic Vision

For 100 years, Solenis has been committed to improving our sustainability — and the sustainability of our customers.

<h6>&ldquo;Sustainability has been a part of Solenis&rsquo; DNA from the beginning. It is inherent in our business simply by virtue of what we do: we improve water quality.&rdquo;</h6> <h6><a href="/globalassets/resources/sustainability--regulatory-library/220151-pc-2022sustainabilityreportwb.pdf" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Read our full 2022 Sustainability Report</a>.<br /><br /><span style="font-weight: 400;">John E. Panichella<br />Chief Executive Officer</span></h6> <div><a class="has-modal" title="" href="#">Read a message from our CEO</a></div> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h4>ESG+C&trade; is Solenis&rsquo; Formula for Sustainability Success</h4> <p>At Solenis, our customers are a key part of the equation that we use to solve for sustainability. We know that when we partner with our customers in water-intensive industries and drive value through sustainable solutions, we all succeed.</p> <p>We are proud of our contribution to creating a more sustainable future for our planet, and we remain committed to continuous improvement and innovation to strengthen our existing customer relationships and find new business opportunities.</p> <p>In 2020, we formalized our approach to incorporate sustainability into our business with more rigor, transparency and accountability. We remain dedicated to tracking our environmental, social and governance (ESG) progress and to partnering with our customers (the C in our equation) to ensure future success of our stakeholders. We are excited to share our accomplishments &mdash; and our path forward.</p>

Our Mission

As a trusted partner, we deliver value by solving sustainability and operational challenges with the right people, the right experience and the right technology. Our solutions help conserve natural resources and promote cleaner and safer environments.

Our Vision

To build a safer and healthier world through sustainable innovation.

Value Chain

<p>Our innovative solutions support a circular economy and improve sustainability of customer operations and performance of their products. Throughout our full value chain &ndash; inputs and outputs &ndash; we focus on ensuring that we are meeting our customers&rsquo; sustainability needs. When we meet those expectations, we not only drive sustainability for our customers, but for ourselves as well.</p> <p><img src="/globalassets/images/miscellaneous-images/chart-valuechain-1002x699-v03.png" alt="Chart-ValueChain-1002x699.png" width="1002" height="699" /></p>

Targets & Key Performance Indicators

<p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Our sustainability ambitions are clear, and we have chosen to focus on the metrics illustrated below. As we work towards our targets, we&rsquo;ll keep looking for more ways to run our business in a sustainable way, enhancing growth while decreasing our environmental impact. We have an expert team to help us get there, and we look forward to the next chapter.</span></p> <p><img class="img-fluid" src="/globalassets/images/miscellaneous-images/chart-targetsandgoals-1002x571.png" alt="" /></p>