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Sustainability Award

The Sustainability Award is a celebration of collaboration, recognizing how Solenis can help our customers meet their sustainability goals.

A structured program to surface — and recognize — sustainability success stories.

The Award recognizes projects that deliver reduced water use, reduced energy use, improved carbon footprint, reduced waste or optimized raw material utilization.

Solenis has always been focused on sustainability, not only in what we do at our plants and facilities, but in what we do to help our customers meet their own sustainability goals. Recently, however, certain environmental challenges, such as water scarcity and climate change, have increased the urgency with which we, as a global community, must respond and react.

Solenis is working toward a comprehensive sustainability strategy encompassing all of the relevant environmental, social and governance elements of sustainability, especially as they align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which identifies 17 goals to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Goal #17 focuses on how strong partnerships across industries are required to drive the necessary change.

The Solenis Sustainability Award is directly related to this goal, as it celebrates how our collaboration with customers results in transformative sustainability initiatives that can make a big difference. Each year, the Award will recognize specific and verifiable customer projects that have, over the previous 12 months, delivered meaningful, measurable results against one of five sustainability indicators — reduced water use, reduced energy use, improved carbon footprint, reduced waste and optimized raw material utilization.

Solenis Sustainability Award Winners

Since its founding in 2020, the Solenis Sustainability Award program has recognized four customer projects that have positively impacted the planet. Learn more about the winners and their projects below.

Ultrasonic bed depth monitor enables containerboard mill to significantly reduce freshwater usage

The installation of an ultrasonic bed depth monitor and chemical automation on the raw water clarifier at International Paper’s containerboard mill in Pine Hill, Alabama, resulted in water savings of 1.3 million gallons annually.

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Geothermal well cleaning project significantly offsets carbon dioxide emissions

Solenis helped Contact Energy’s Wairakei geothermal powerplant in Taupō, New Zealand, return a geothermal well to operation as well as expand the power generation of the well by 50,000 megawatt-hours per year, effectively offsetting carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 57,000 tons every year.

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An anthracite filter project saves 162 million gallons of water per year

Solenis helped the Catlettsburg refinery, part of Marathon Petroleum Corporation, to optimize operation of 18 anthracite filters used as part of the BFW pretreatment process. The result was significant water and chemical savings.

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An integrated chemical program impacts several sustainability measures

Solenis partnered with Saint-Gobain ISOVER at multiple European sites to supply advanced biocides and defoamers, reducing chemical use, improving worker safety and lowering carbon emissions.

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"At Solenis, our vision is to enable our customers’ success through innovative process and water treatment solutions. Part of meeting our customers’ needs is partnering with them to deliver their own specific sustainability targets."
John E. Panichella